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Vortex is the Godfather of hardstyle: DJ and producer for more than twenty years, he imposed his style into the best European clubs, later becoming a worldwide fame producer in the techno scene.

Vortex DJ bookings

Are you interested in booking Vortex for an event or festival? Please contact us for further information. We are happy to advise you about options and possibilities.

Who is Vortex

Vortex is the absolute forerunner of the hardstyle phenomenon and is the flagship of Stik Records since 1997. After all his hard work he also became the A&R of the label. His list of ‘played at’ is almost endless. And there is enough to mention his performances in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Poland, England, Denmark, Slovenia, France, and pratically all the top clubs in Italy.

Classic tracks

He made numerous successful singles that we all remember: ‘Incoming’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Navimel’, ‘Come on and Fight’, ‘I Got Tonight’, ‘Good Morning’, ‘My Odissy’, ‘The Exorcism of Chucky’, ‘Overload’, ‘Hot’, ‘Go DJ’, ‘Delirio’, ‘Farina’s Therapy’. And also the latter ones: ‘Hell Warriors’, ‘Siempre Fiesta’, ‘Wrecking Core’, ‘The Rebel’, ‘1nv4d3rs’, ‘The Fuck Song’, ‘Kokane’, ‘Thug Life’ and ‘Bitch’.

In 2010, DJ Vortex created the V-Core Records label to give life to his new project Vextor. He attracted attention with his first release: ‘Scream’, which instantly became a floor-killer.

Remixes and projects

DJ Vortex’s discography also includes many remixes made by artists such as Rexanthony, Max B. Grant, NU NRG, Partyraiser, Trance Generators, Blutonium Boy, F.Noize, Brainkicker, DJ Mystery, Orbital Velocity, DJ Gollum, Tunnel Allstars, Cosmic Commando, DJ Thera, Used & Abused, Francesco Zeta, Ryle, Acesone, Rimini Peter, Psyba, Arpa’s Dream, Bruno Power, DJ Millo, Plasmaravers, Ramp, Mic-E, Coyote, Lisboa-X, Doctorvoice, Aekidna, Carnag 744 and many more.

A multitude of his productions are made from synergies or parallel projects. Among those are VTX, 4 Navigators, Acti & Vorti, Plazmavort, Rushtex, MA-PE-RO, Vorti & Zed, Hell Warriors, Nightmare in Rome, Mavor, Rim Shotters, Poko Punk, 2 Explorers, Doctor V, Hardrome, Phat 4, Mark Paul, Golden Goal, Hardline, Hellboyz, Vorna Texils, Baze Heroes, Demons on Dope, Titanic Bros and P.V.P.

DJ Vortex has always been very busy with radio broadcasts and is affiliated with many regional broadcasting stations and networks all over the world.

Vortex boeken
Vortex boeken

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