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In 1972, Mike Leander was in need of a backing band for the then new, and now legendary Gary Glitter. He brought together a group of fine musicians to carry out this job but Mike Leander was soon to discover that he had brought together a new pop sensation!

Late in 1973, THE GLITTER BAND suggested to Mike Leander that they would like to record some songs that they had been working on. Mike, acknowledging that Gary Glitter was now firmly established in the charts, agreed that they should develop their own separate identity and booked a couple of days for recording at the now legendary Mayfair Studios. For their own productions THE GLITTER BAND added group vocals to the well-known “Glitter” sound.

They recorded four tracks, one of which was the classic ANGEL FACE. Bell Records released ANGEL FACE on March 23, 1974. It reached number four in the UK charts and became a world-wide hit. This paved the way for a string of six Top Ten hits in a row, including JUST FOR YOU, LET’S GET TOGETHER AGAIN and the brilliant GOODBYE MY LOVE.

The Band then went off to pursue their own musical interests until they reunited with “The Leader” for what was to become, for all concerned, a massive resurgence in their careers which resulted in a series of sell-out concerts backing Gary until 1986. Since then, the Band has maintained a loyal following and has, over the last few years, toured the UK and Europe regularly, reproducing the original “Glitter” sound of the 70’s. Gerry Shephard and Pete Phipps were the founder members of THE GLITTER BAND and they continue to thrill enthusiastic audiences around the world with their exciting “Glitter” sound that launched the “Glam Rock Era”!!!


* GOODBYE MY LOVE 12 Weeks in Charts – #2

* ANGEL FACE 10 Weeks in Charts – #4


* LET’S GET TOGETHER AGAIN 8 Weeks in Charts – #8

* THE TEARS I CRIED 8 Weeks in Charts – #8

* JUST FOR YOU 8 Weeks in Charts – #10

and many more

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