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In 1964, four schoolboys decided to form a band, the outcome of that youthful decision led to the birth and eventual success of one of Europe’s most successful bands…..THE EQUALS. The original line up consisted of Derv Gordon as lead singer, Pat Lloyd on bass guitar, Ronnie Telemacque on drums, and Eddy Grant as lead guitarist. It’s now history that Eddy Grant eventually left THE EQUALS to follow a highly successful solo career as single producer! Eddy’s place as lead guitarist was capably filled by Dave Martin. THE EQUALS decided to fill out their familiar sound, hence the arrival of keyboard player Dave Lennox. In 1967; THE EQUALS album UN – EQUALLED EQUALS was released and quickly rose to No. 8 in the UK charts. The track BABY COME BACK was taken from the album and released as a single and duly rocketed to the much coveted No. 1 position in the UK singles charts. Suddenly, THE EQUALS were in demand throughout Europe, BABY COME BACK was at No. 1 in West Germany and in most other European countries. Certainly, no band of one-hit wonders, THE EQUALS went from strength such hits as VIVA BOBBY JOE and BLACK SKINNED BLUE EYED BOYS. THE EQUALS have featured on every major TV show in Europe, including Top of the Pops for BBC Television and the highly successful TV show” Beat Club” in West Germany. At the last count, THE EQUALS had notched up no less than 14 Top Ten hit records in West Germany, a successful track record that is virtually unequalled by any other band of the era!

Hits from THE EQUALS:

* RUB A DUB DUB 12 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 4

* SOFTLY, SOFTLY 14 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 6

* BABY COME BACK 15 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 9

* MICHAEL AND THE SLIPPERTREE 12 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 7

* GREEN LIGHT 13 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 8

* VIVA BOBBY JOE 13 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 12

* SOULBROTHER CLIFFORD 13 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 14

* I GET SO EXCITED 7 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 28 and many more

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