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Although it sounds like a cliché, 2007 was a memorable and amazing year with several highlights for Showtek. Their first artist album ‘Today Is Tomorrow’ – containing 39 tracks – became a worldwide success and a milestone in the scene of harder dance. The title refers to the fact that Showtek’s music made in the studio today reaches the listener tomorrow. The following world tour through America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, etc. was a beautiful and intense musical journey for the Showtekkers. The two discovered new fields to play in far destinations and became true ambassadors promoting the Dutch power-sound. “We think our album shows that Showtek has an own, unique and diverse sound. A style that seems to appeal many people in the world, since we’re playing almost every weekend abroad nowadays. ‘Today Is Tomorrow’ showed that we are closer than ever in the studio and have found the perfect balance.”

The Eindhoven based act existing of the brothers Wouter (1982) and Sjoerd Janssen (1984) has reached the absolute top after years of blood, sweat and tears. Their stunning live-performances, devastating dj sets, but above all, a bunch of superb productions and massive hits has led to world-domination in the harder dance scene. Their unique, catchy and banging sound not only sets the Dutch dance floors on fire, nowadays Showtek has become a thrilling name abroad, even playing shows at the other side of the planet. “It’s hard to mention the ultimate highlight in our career so far. We’ve toured in more than 20 countries and our records are shipped all around the world. It’s great that the number of people we can share our music with is still growing.”

Both brothers were infected by the dance virus at an early age and coming from a musical family it goes without saying that they soon started to produce music. After three years Wouter and Sjoerd finally had the feeling that their studio-efforts reached the level of professionalism and maturity they had in mind, and the first record was given birth. Wouter can be described as the musical Mozart of the two with a broad vision on music and his talent to play keyboards very well. His brother Sjoerd being the more dance floor-orientated producer who exactly knows what record does and doesn’t work for a crowd. The many years in the studio not only resulted in developing an own sound, but also learned them what he most effective and comfortable way of working is. “Our sound is catchy, melodic and harsh. Sometimes is well-thought, but it can also be very spontaneous and loose. Since we each have a different view on music the Showtek-sound can be quite diverse. Nevertheless our sound is always recognisable as being a typical Showtek track.”

With the start of their own Dutch Master Works label they created a quality-platform for their original sounding electronic music. Although The Showtekkers have only released self produced material on the label, the duo states that Dutch Master Works in the near future will also see releases from others. Wouter and Sjoerd are best known as Showtek, although they use different project names that are all very successful. The name Walt Jenssen is used by Wouter and stands for techno- and trance-influenced music, with heavy beats and an experimental touch. Duro is a side project with pounding beats and nasty sounds and Southstylers is a corporation between Walt Jenssen and Zany. After having took Holland by storm the productions of the Showtekkers are nowadays shipped and licensed all over the world. “It’s our main goal to perfection the Showtek-sound and reach more people around the globe with our music and through the label. However the most important thing is never lose the passion and fun.”

Their dancefloor missile ‘FTS’ in 2007 (Best Produced Track at “Hard Dance Awards 2008 UK”) did a lot of good work and everywhere in the world the crowds went nuts screaming at this ultimate anthem. A remix for Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo’s classic ‘Wonderfull Days’ gained massive reactions and their label ‘Dutch Master Works’ remains one of the best selling in de harder dance scene. Although Showtek will continue to produce new killer tracks a next album isn’t scheduled yet. In January 2008 a dream came true when Showtek hosted an own sold out event in the bunker HMH in Amsterdam for 6000 people. “The Showtek X-qlusive event in Holland is the highest goal we’ve reached so far. We are very proud that we nowadays sell records and play in many different countries. Those gigs in other countries give a lot of inspiration to make the best possible new music.”

Showtek on stage is an experience people will not easily forget and no matter where they play the roof gets blown off. Showtek can be booked as a live-act, but as djs as well. Wouter and Sjoerd say that there’s no better high in life than seeing the crowd going nuts on their self-produced music. A packed dancefloor full of smiling face is the biggest reward they can imagine. Besides that a good performance motivates and inspires the brothers to push the pedal to the metal even more next time in the studio. “Even as dj’s we tend to play a lot of own productions and 80 percent of our sets consist of record we produced ourselves. It’s not that we don’t like other people’s music, but we get a huge kick playing our own tracks in front of an enthusiastic audience. It’s a privilege to have a steady and loyal following of people who really are into your music.”)

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