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Ebb or flow, it’s always the current tide of the dance scene that carries Roy Gates’ music upon its waves. Keeping up with the club movement but following his own speed of sound, the Dutch producer finds himself more than comfortably settled amongst the DJ and producer elite both in and outside of The Netherlands.

The Gates opened in 2004 when – after years of DJ practice – Roy started to get into the producing game. A game well played, for his first track was released only a few months later. ‘How Deep’, instantly picked up by Dutch Radio station 538 as the official ‘Dance Smash’, was the first of many successes Roy Poortmans had under his Roy Gates moniker. ‘Lose Myself’, ‘Midnight Sun’, ‘Come Alive’, ‘Hey’ and ‘One Touch’ all ended up in the playlists, not only of the world’s top 10 DJ’s, but on the mainstream radio stations and in the Dutch Top 40 as well. His remixes for the likes of DJ Jean, Vincent de Moor, DJ Jurgen and Epic Gold saw his catchy, energetic trance sound grow out to a much-favoured audio-experience.

But since variety is the spice of life, 2010 brings Roy a change of flavour. With new single ‘I Am The Music’, a new Gates chapter has opened. Following a path built on experience and skills, but heading for a more progressive, (tech-)house type of sound, sees Roy Gates arousing the dance scene with fresh and promising productions. With several new remixes, more single releases and DJ sets all across the country coming up, Roy Gates has only one destination: up.

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