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Ron van den Beuken is on the overtaking lane in the Trance-Scene. Not only because of his countless successes as a producer, also as a DJ. After Ron occupied Europe with his hits in the last years, they are internationally advertising about him as a DJ and Remixer. Within a short time he managed to show his talent and competence with performances in South Africa, Poland, Dubai, Norway, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finnland, Russia and Switzerland, to get high popularity. The Trance World seems to listen to Ron, witch shows his appearance at many great festivals like the Mayday Poland/Germany, Nature One, E-Lake Festival, Air Beat One Festival and the Sonic 6 Rave.

Ron studied music at the Conservatorium of Maastricht as well as law. After finishing his study, he startet to produce and with his first track ‘Feel it’ he had a club hit immediately. It was number one in The Netherlands for several weeks. Soon he released the single ‘Keep it up’, which climbed the Scandinavian Top Ten.

Because of this big success he published until July 2003 more than 10 singles under deverse names like Shane, Floyd and The Mystery. Worldwide they were presended by the most important radio stations and played by the best DJs like Paul van Dijk, Armin van Buuren, Johan Gielen, Ferry Corsten, Black & Jones, Judge Jules, Tiesto and much more. So he got many licences all around the world.

In 2003 Ron started his new project under the name of Clokx and covered the hymn ‘Clocks’ from one of the best known rockbands in the world: Coldplay. ‘Clocks’ leaded worldwide Dancecharts for weeks. But his real breakthrough came with the track ‘Timeless’. With this song he reached number one in the Dutch radiostation 538, the most important channel. Since then he could repeat this masterly performance four more times with ‘Overdrive’, ‘Twister’ and ‘In Silence and Sunset’. He exeeded Tiesto again, after he won the Dutch Award in 2005.

In only 12 months Ron van der Beuken had expressive tracks like ‘Endless’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Sunset’, ‘I will Surrender’, ‘Fever’ and ‘Emotion’. He proved his versatility and feeling for trends as a producer, and counted a lot of credits by all the famous DJs and producers of the international scene.

Ron’s single ‘Clockx – Tibet’ became a megahit worldwide. His activity in several radiostations and the remix for Ferry Corsten’s single ‘Fire’, will capture much more fans for Ron from all over the world. In 2006 he planned his world tour around Asia and America. So open your eyes and ears and watch out for the new God of Trance!

Ron van den Beuken played together with:

Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Marco V., Johan Gielen, Kai Tracid, Blank & Jones, Svenson, Armin van Burren, DJane Tatana, Rank 1, Dave 202, Cosmic Gate, Katana, 4 Strings Tomcraft, Dr. Motte, Kara Sun, 4 Strings, Dr. Gonzo, Clokx.

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