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Righeira boeken voor uw evenement?
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Michael & Johnson RIGHEIRA, in the real world Stefano Rota and Stefano Righi, landed on our planet in the sixties. They both chose Italy, in this case Turin, like the nest for their terrestrial birth. To camouflage their alien origin they led an apparently normal life. At the end of the seventies their bodies and their essences came into contact with the school benches of the glorious Albert Einstein Lyceum of Turin, specializing in scientific studies. Their cosmic mission, for the evolution and the progress of our planet, led to unnumbered appearances at every level of Turin “underground”. In 1981, tired of a banal friendship, they decided to become brothers.

This was a glowing text in 1983 still very young, their first single came out in the whole Solar System: it was VAMOS A LA PLAYA, a hit of galactic proportions that was to be repeated the following year with NO TENGO DINERO. In 1985, with L’ESTATE STA FINENDO, they won “Festival bar” and “Disco per l’Estate”, the two most important music manifestations in Italy. In 1986 they took part in “Festival di San Remo” with INNAMORATISSIMO. On 12/31/1986 the first stage of their mission came to the end: they decided to hibernate. In the new millenium the second stage has begun…

Hits from RIGHEIRA:

* VAMOS A LA PLAYA 18 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 2

* NO TENGO DINERO 14 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 10

* L’ESTATE STA FINENDO 10 Weeks in Charts – Nr. 35

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