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Rafaël Frost (born on August 25, 1981, Amsterdam, NL)

Creating music…

Rafaël Frost started creating music at the age of nine when playing random tunes on the electric piano of his father. After a couple of years he took drum lessons, and played in a band which featured in a music video in a Dutch TV show (VPRO, Nederland 3).

Besides playing drums in his band

Rafaël Frost bought a guitar and began practicing it at home. At this stage he was also experimenting with electronic music using his first computer and a piece of software called “Scream Tracker”. In 1993 Rafaël Frost began creating actual tracks with software and came addicted to making electronic music using a pc.

First release

In 2004

Rafaël Frost met another producer called Hugo Zwarts (a.ka. Alankara). They became friends and produced a track together. Hugo was at that time also busy creating a “Three Drives – Greece 2000“ remix for DJ Maron and asked Rafaël Frost to jump in on this project. The Greece 2000 remix meant a first vinyl release for Rafaël Frost. The track was amongst others supported by DJ Tiësto.

Flashover Recordings

After the release on Massive Drive Recordings in 2005, Rafaël Frost met Joeri Lodders, A&R manager of Ferry Corsten’s Flashover label. A meeting took place in Rafaël Frost’s studio to go through some of his tracks…including an unfinished track called “Mute Your Mind”, a track starting with a techy sound with a surprising warm Spanish guitar break played by Rafaël Frost. Joeri Lodders was immediately impressed by the unique sound of this tune, which led to signing the track on the new Flashover Recordings label.

A new release for Rafaël Frost

on Flashover Recordings was a fact and would mean the start of a good and tight collaboration with Flashover recordings.

“Mute Your Mind” became a huge hit in the clubs all over the world and was amongst many others supported by DJ’s such as Ferry Corsten, Tiësto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and was even featured in Judge Jules’ popular radio show on “BBC Radio 1”.

Dance Valley 2006

Rafaël Frost’s potential and talent wasn’t left unnoticed and led to an invitation by Dance Therapy to spin the wheels on the second biggest stage of Dance Valley 2006; the Ferry Corsten L.E.F stage.

Rafaël Frost blasted the L.E.F. stage amongst Judge Jules, Ronald van Gelderen, Agnelli & Nelson and of course Ferry Corsten himself!

New releases

After the successful Time Out”/”Out of Time” release, Rafaël Frost’s 2 latest tracks “City Fiction” & “Worlds” are going vinyl the 27th January 2007. The earlier digital release of “Worlds” already hit the Top 40, got support by #1 DJ Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond and is at #1 in Ferry Corsten’s Top 5 for 2 months in a row.


2007 will be a busy year for Rafaël Frost, with a new release nearly being finished, an upcoming remix, a very special bootleg being finished and last but not least; signing up with Dance Therapy booking agency.

This opens up the doors for Rafaël Frost

to establish his name all over the world and to give everyone a taste of his unique fresh sound!

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