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An exuberant singer with a huge voice and booming, declarative sound, MARTHA WASH originally teamed with Izora Redman. They were known as Two Tons of Fun when they backed Sylvester and later recorded for Fantasy. They changed their name to the Weather Girls and recorded for CBS. Wash then began doing session work as a solo singer. She was in the midst of a big flap in the early 90s, as she claimed that the C&C Music Factory didn’t credit her for vocals on its huge hit GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT (EVERYBODY DANCE NOW). It was Wash’s rich, shattering voice that turned EVERYBODY EVERYBODY into a smash for Black Box, but she wasn’t featured in the video, something that didn’t make her very happy. She also worked with Italian house act Black Box on their nouveau disco hit STRIKE IT UP. Wash signed with BMG in 1991.Her first solo success arrived with GIVE IT TO YOU, a typically upbeat and boisterous house single. However, away from the club scene her range encompasses everything from R&B ballads to gospel -the latter genre being the one that sparked her interest in music in the first place. Her 1998 tour to promote THE COLLECTION, a compilation of career highlights that also featured new work, was accompanied by a full-scale tour featuring a six-piece band and three backing singers. Of the new songs, the easiest to digest was CATCH THE LIGHT, an effortlessly intoxicating number recalling the best of 80’s Chicago house. Another new song, COME, was written by drag star RuPaul (Wash maintains a strong fan base across the US gay community). Other contributors to the project included fellow house icon Jocelyn Brown (on Keep on Jumpin’). The first single release to be taken off the album was It’s Raining Men … The Sequel, featuring RuPaul on vocals.

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