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Mambo Kurt boeken voor uw evenement?
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Duitser maakt dé WK Medley van 2006!

Mambo Kurt is een Duitse muzikant

die groot fan is van het Nederlands voetbal en hier een hilarische WK Medley van heeft gemaakt. Dinsdag 18 april was hij nog te zien in De Wereld Draait Door, diezelfde week haalde hij de voorpagina van De Telegraaf en de voorpagina van De Spits. Ook Giel Beelen ontving hem in zijn ochtendshow en was acuut fan! A.s. zondag wordt zijn nummer gebruikt in Life & Cooking.

Mambo Kurt speelt op zijn Heimorgel

meerdere (rock)covers, allen in swingende mambo en bossa nova stijl.

Mambo Kurt “Back In Beige”

There are instruments which enthuse millions of people, enchant the soul, touch the heart – and there is the home organ. Until 1996 this instrument used to serve merely as a piece of furniture where one could place a flowerpot. But then HE arrived. A man from the Wild West of Germany. Somone who had already crashed the summer party of the MSV Duisburg (soccer club) with his “601 D-Mark outfit! (one mark for the glasses, the rest for a used organ). Someone not afraid to wear a suit that even the most wasted hippies would have called “daring”. Someone who interprets great classics and the hippest songs of the musical present on his Yamaha D85 like nobody else before him ever has done: MAMBO KURT! “Well, ten years ago they threw full beer bottles at me during the concert. I’m a bit more accepted now, somehow,” says our hero and smiles.


Spinach-bubblin’ Verona Feldbusch appeared quite fascinated and made Mambo Kurt her court musician on the “Verona’s World” Show. VIVA 2 does hardly show video clips anymore because they consider Mambo Kurt’s versions to be much cooler. At his extensive concerts the audience is already going wild during soundcheck and the debut album “Return Of The Alleinunterhalter” (1999) turned Mambo Kurt into the new cult hero of trash.

Inspite of that

Mambo Kurt keeps emphasizing his great respect and awe for the achievements of the original artists. “I don’t really change that much: good songs remain good songs – no matter whether you play them in Rock, Pop, Bossa Nova or Mambo style. I have to like the songs and they have to be playable on the home organ.” Well, he does caricature the specific characteristics of the respective artist, though – but with all his love. The colleagues appreciate that and so Rammstein, Biohazard and Machine Head are among the growing fan group of Mambo Kurt.

In contrast to the home recordings

of “The Return Of The Alleinunterhalter”, the one-man-band this time was impressed by the technical possibilities of the well equipped studio (RA.SH Tonstudio, Gelsenkirchen/Germany), where the “phattest home organ album of all times” was recorded with the support of the producers Uli Pösselt and Helmut Philipps.

Don’t worry

though, “Back In Beige” is far from being overproduced and boring. Mambo Kurt knows very well that this certain element of weirdness in his music is part of his present fame. “But basically everything I sing has a lot of charme,” Kurt grins, because “I can’t really sing.” Nobody expects perfect notes in Kurt’s work, though, anyway. That’s why he loves situations where he doesn’t know what’s going to happen – whether the rockers will actually do the Polonaise he’s asked them do in the end, or whether the only roadie present in the Comedy Tent at the Rock Im Park Festival will keep trying to prevent 300 kids from stagediving, or whether – as just happened – an elderly man offers him 100 Swiss Franks for taking a break. “That’s Rock’n’Roll!”.

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