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Magus Utopia boeken voor uw evenement?
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De kracht van Magus Utopia is een spannend verhaal vertellen met indrukwekkende illusies, fascinerende karakters en bijzondere visuals. In 2012 is de act ‘Nightmares’ bekroond tot Wereld Kampioen Illusionisme! In de afgelopen jaren hebben ze meer dan 2000 shows opgevoerd in 25 landen, waarvan 15 internationale TV-shows.

Magus Utopia boeken voor een evenement

Magus Utopia is voor verschillende soorten optredens te boeken. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie. We adviseren je graag over de mogelijkheden en de kosten.

Wie zijn Magus Utopia

Magus Utopia is opgericht door Marcel Kalisvaart en Aquila Junior. Met hun creativiteit willen ze een bijdrage leveren aan de geschiedenis van de magie. Hun missie is om de meest ongelooflijke magische shows ter wereld te creëren. De shows van Marcel en Aquila worden vaak beleefd als het kijken naar een live filmvoorstelling.

The Prince of Illusions

At the age of ten Marcel’s passion for magic and illusion was born. For years he practiced his magic tricks and demonstrated it at magic clubs. He turned out to be a real talent in magic! Marcel was coached by professional magicians and motivated by fellow magic club members, he decided to perform his magic act at a magic competition. With success! He won first place.

Later Marcel became inspired by illusionists like Siegfried and Roy and David Copperfield. He knew for sure that he wanted to become an illusionist too! Marcel asked his father to build an illusion with him, given he was a toolmaker. For months they worked in their garage and built a teletransportation illusion based on molecular transmission. Together they invented two more illusions and made a complete act of it. Marcel won several prizes at competitions, including Best Illusionist during the World Championships of Magic in 2003. Marcel’s popularity lead to another big contract with the Great Russian Circus in 2007 for a tour through Holland and Germany for several months.

Aquila Junior

Aquila since his childhood is very curious about acting, creating stories  and drawing Manga characters (comic book style created and developed in Japan in the late 19th century). His fantasy was influenced by biblical stories told by his mom such as angels and demons battling in our world, a man dividing the sea in two and giants walking among humans etc. Later his curiosity expended to art of artists like Francisco Goya, Salvador Dalí, H. R. Giger and Mark Ryden which led Aquila to study art design.

His passion and vision for creating a world of fantasy where the impossible could be reality was seen by Marcel. They started to talk about how magic could be presented in a way where the tricks and illusions help telling a story. So they combined their powers to create a new era of illusionism. For years Marcel and Aquila worked very hard to create an original illusion act never seen before. During the National Championship of Magic in Holland in 2009, they became Grand Prix Winners! The jury described the act as original, spectacular and Las Vegas worthy.

The secrets show

In December 2010 and January 2011 Marcel and Aquila toured with the famous Dutch circus, Martin Hanson Wintercircus throughout 35 cities in Holland. They were honoured with the fact that they received an audience award. After they flew immediately to Rome to perform in the biggest Magic Festival of Italy, Supermagic. They kept on developing new ways of presenting magic.

2011 became an important year in their career. In this year big dreams have come true like producing their own theater show SECRETS, with mind blowing illusions and international guest stars combined with mysterious characters, special effects and unexpected transitions.

World Championship of Magic

After The Secrets Show took place, Marcel and Aquila performed in the most beautiful circus of Europe, Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione until March 2012. During their stay in Paris, they decided to compete at the World Championship of Magic with their new ideas, without knowing that this desicion would change their lives and the history forever.

In July 2012 Marcel and Aquila participated at the official World Championships of Magic (FISM) at the marvelous Winter Garden theater in Blackpool, England. They received a standing ovation from 3000 magicians and illusionist and became first prize winners, with the first story telling illusion act in the world, with their own created act NIGHTMARES. Dreams came true and have led them to travel and perform in more than 25 countries around the globe with this astonishing spectacle till this present moment.

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