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Jan Vervloet has been in the forefront of the Belgian dance music scene for almost 10 years, but it al started much earlier … in the seventies !

Fooling around with daddy’s records and tapes at the age of 5 is the beginning of a successful career. Buying a Commodore Amiga computer and spinning at local parties is the second step.

After he graduates as an accountant he follows his heart and starts to work in a DJ shop in Mechelen. Meanwhile he spends every second of his spare time in his little room where his Amiga computer and Roland W-30 Workstation do the talking.

The first “Jan Vervloet” productions are born !

1992 is the real breakthrough year : doing DJ gigs in almost every well-known club in Belgium and releasing his first record (Bis-Art : “Wrong Is Right”).

The first Top 10 record comes already a year later ! Thunderball’s “Bonzai Channel One” is the biggest dancetrack of 1993. Result : live performances and DJ-gigs in Belgium, Germany and Holland.

With the money he earns as a DJ he builds up a nice home-studio that becomes his second home. Between 1994 and 1996 he releases more than 25 records under different project names such as : Jopan, Protect System, Zone 1, Thunderball, The Oblique … the list is endless!

To separate the commercial tracks and the more “underground” releases he uses the pseudonym “D.-Jay Lux” for his techno stuff. With the lux-trax series he receives international recognition in technoland (one of the “D.-Jay Lux” tracks was even selected by Carl Cox for his F.A.C.T. compilation).

As “D.-Jay Lux” he even produces 8 tracks for Marco Bailey’s debut album “Global Warning”.

In 1997 a weird instrumental trance tune keeps the dancefloors pumping. Yes indeed “Afflitto”, again a Jan Vervloet production hits Europe. To promote this track on the radio and TV he adds vocals to the track and founds the group Fiocco. In Germany DJ “Kosmonova” picks up the Afflitto track to reconstruct it as “Celebrate”. Between 1997 and 2000 Jan Vervloet produces 7 “Fiocco” singles and a full-album which nearly all reached the Gold-status in Belgium.

While doing live performances all over Europe with Fiocco Jan still manages to find the time to start a brand new project : Scoop. The first Golden (even Platinum) record abroad is a fact. In 2000 “Drop It” becomes the first Belgian number one in Holland since Technotronic !

In 2001 Jan wants to focus more on his career as a DJ. To promote this he starts the project “Neighbour DJ’s”, together with his neighbour Thierry Stevenart (who is also a DJ) he releases “Frequency”.

Their first release becomes a real clubhit and gets even in the national sales charts ! After all these years of hard work and success Jan still is a much-wanted DJ and producer. This summer 3 new releases are coming up …

So watch out and enjoy !

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