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While many artist claim to play both old and new music there are only few who can excell in both. Gizmo was among the first artists to play the harder styles and has been on top of every style since.Fausto Talone was born on November 15th 1970 in Amsterdam, the hometown of his mother. His father comes all the way from Rome,Italy, which explains the fact that Fausto lives in The Netherlands, but listens to a 100% Italian name.Clubs, parties and housemusic.

At the age of 17 he discovered the world of clubs, parties and housemusic, which had just started to reach Holland, coming across the ocean from the great clubs in New York, Chicago and Detroit. Soon he was addicted to the Vibe called housemusic and started to go to houseparties more often. Then something happened to him that happens to all true DJ’s at a certain moment: he got fascinated by the guy standing in front of the partypeople and playing his favourite tunes; Tha Vibe struck on him. Ladies and gentlemen:

DJ Fausto was born… He started practicing with some old turntables (even one without pitchcontrol) and a Rodec-mixer at age 19, but one of the most important occurrences of his life happened when he was 20 years young: DJ Dano (member of Holland’s worldfamous DJ-Dreamteam) asked him to come and spin in his show The Grooveyard at the legendary radiostation Radio 100. Things went really well and soon he started playing at local coffeeshops and small parties.

In the meantime he bought his first set of Technics SL turntables. He developed his mixing skills further and further and his performance also got better with every gig he had. Fausto’s mother told him not only to spin music, but also to listen to it very carefully and analyse all parts of a record. At this point his producing talent started to grow on him, because subconsciously he learned how music is arranged.

The Big Breakthrough:His first big performance was in De Statenhallen in The Hague during Trance In Your Mind in 1994, he was booked to be on one lineup together with DJs like Michel de Hey and Carl Cox. After that Fausto received his first bookings in the U.K. from clubs like Brixton Academy, The Fridge and Tyssen Street.

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