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Dave Lambert started DJ’ing in a place called PARADOX (Antwerp/Belgium) when he was 15 years old. In the beginning of his career he played rock music and was into bands like Biohazard, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam.
Electronic house music wasn’t really his thing. Although when Paradox closed, he evolved into a more housy style.

In the early “Dave Lambert house days” he played deep house stuff with an underground feel. He also organized parties in Antwerp, which were real successes. He got more and more into the underground picture in Antwerp and started to get noticed by local promoters.

Everything began snowballing when he became resident in LE BEAU ZOO (1998). Le Beau Zoo was a trendy club with 2 floors and a 1000 people capacity. The club was known for it’s extravagant and wealthy clientele. Dave Lambert became a very wanted DJ in the Belgian scene.

In 1999 he also became a resident in DELANO (Leuven) on Fridays. He now played as a resident on Thursday’s and Saturday’s in Le Beau Zoo and on Fridays in Delano with a 1500 capacity.

He was a regular guest DJ at famous Belgian parties like Cruises To Pleasure and the Ibiza Reunion playing with DJ’s like Pippi, Pete Heller, Marcello,…

After his residency in Delano he started playing in Rève D’O which was a 1000 capacity club in the French part of Belgium. With this residency he also became a regular guest in the French part of Belgium.

Dave Lambert also started to get into the more progressive scene and was asked to become a resident at Antwerp’s most notorious and largest club ZILLION in the year 2000. Zillion was known as a trance club with a +5000 capacity. When Dave Lambert was asked to become a resident, Zillion started with a new concept, which was a hosted night by UK organization GOLDEN. Every Friday he played alongside guests such as Seb Fontaine, Tall Paul, Paul Van Dyk, Sander Kleinenberg and many others. These nights GOLDEN resident Pete Bromley accompanied him. Dave was also asked to become a resident on Saturdays and needed to play more trance to fit the profile of ZILLION on Saturdays.

This was a bit of dilemma for him, as he wasn’t used to play more commercial for a larger audience. Dave always was a big spender on vinyl from all genres so he decided the time was right for him to start shifting into the wider range of styles that the electronic music had to offer. He decided to quit his residency in Le Beau Zoo to play for a +5000 crowd every Saturday.
With his residency in Zillion he also started playing abroad to party cities such as Lloret De Mar (Spain) and Ibiza (Space).

In the beginning of October 2001 Zillion was shut down by the Belgian authorities. Belgian’s most famous and notorious club came to an end.

This resulted in numerous offers from other club owners to become resident in their club. BBC, INFERNO and AMARKORD where clubs he found suited to become resident, but the great atmosphere and feeling with the crowd wasn’t the same as he was used to in Zillion.

He started to play more as a guest for clubs such as La Rocca, Cherry Moon and La Villa.
He also played big-scaled festival such as ANTWERP IS BURNING and BRUSSELS IS BURNING.

In April 2002 a new superclub with a +5000 capacity opened. VERSUZ a sign was born! He was asked to become a resident for this club and was happy he found a residency where he could fulfill his musical dreams.

VERSUZ is located in Hasselt which is a city near the German and Dutch border. The club attracts people from all over Belgium, 25% people from Holland and Germany and even people from France, which is a 300km drive. Every Saturday it’s a full house with an atmosphere you have never seen before! On every first Friday of the month Versuz invites famous guest DJ’s! Here the musical style always varies from trance one month to groove the other month. We already had guests such as Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Marco V, David Guetta, Erick E, Todd Terry, Who Da Funk and many others.

Versuz also hosted SPACE (Ibiza) every Friday morning and KADOC (Portugal) on Sunday evening in the summer of 2002. In 2003 we will be hosting the same clubs during the summer! Playing as a resident in one of the best clubs in the world, Dave also started to play more abroad than ever. He’s been a guest in Japan, Ibiza, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Scotland and the list keeps on getting bigger.

During the week he works for a recordcompany called MOSTIKO records where he is in charge of the promotion for bands such as Junkie XL, Moloko, Filterheadz, Minimalistix and many others.

Record wise he is the DJ behind the famous MINIMALISTIX. With Minimalistix ‘Close Cover’ he entered the UK single charts @ N° 12 (2002). Minimalistix has 2 musical sides: the more commercial radio wise trance release and his favorite style, which is a more progressive feel. The Filterheadz have been responsible for this progressive side of Minimalistix and with plays and support from his all time favorite SASHA, Minimalistix is set to conquer the globe. Minimalistix is signed practically all over the world: Ministry of Sound UK and Scandinavia, Avex group Japan and rest of Asia, Valé records Spain, Ultra records USA, SPG Canada, Time Italy, CNR Holland, Superstar Germany, Universal Australia,…

Dave Lambert has also been responsible for the following compilations:

Le Beau Zoo vol.1, Delano vol.1, Chill Music vol.1, Zillion vol. 9 – 13, Minimalistix mix CD Japan, Versuz first Floor Finest.

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