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Bad Boys Blue

By the end of the 70’s, disco had died and 80’s techno/New Wave had emerged. Bad Boys Blue started in 1982. It was an investment that would remain strong throughout the years on Coconut Records. The group consisted of Andrew Thomas, John McInerey, and Trevor Taylor. They were the first of many groups to introduce a German style of techno, which today is known as Euro dance. At this time, Bad Boys Blue had made it big in Europe with some of their smashing hits. For example: You’re A Woman (which peaked no.1 in Israel) and Come Back And Stay. They were an unstoppable unique force in techno industry.
Likewise, Bad Boys Blue wasn’t as popular in the US due to the unwillingness of most US music fans to accept techno as a style of music. However, they did manage to gain some acknowledgment with certain songs like, I Totally Miss You and Save your Love (no.89 on the US Billboard). Of course, with great success came many problems. One of these problems led to Trevor Taylor leaving the group to pursue his own style of music. By this time, Bad Boys Blue was still strong in the charts, but not as popular around the world. As a quick replacement for Trevor Taylor, the group found a temporary singer named Ova Standing. He sang with the group for a while until a new member arose, Trevor Bannister. Now that the group had finally found a third member, they proceeded to produce quality music under the Coconut record label.

After a few albums

Trevor left the group, and John and Andrew were left as a duo. They released a new album, called To Blue Horizons, and gained much success. Eventually the duo became a trio once more, when Trevor Taylor returned to establish the original trio. His return didn’t last long. He left the group due to the fact, that John McInerney was now, and will always be the lead singer of Bad Boys Blue. Once again Bad Boys Blue was a duo until 1995. By this time, the group was under a new record label, called Intercord. In addition, they found the next member of Bad Boys Blue, Mo Russel. The group spent 2 years at Intercord producing one album, and many singles. Although Intercord was a good label, Bad Boys Blue felt that out of the two production teams Coconut would be the best.


Bad Boys Blue is now under Coconut records; some of the production team members from Intercord chipped in their talents to produce the newest instalment to the group’s albums, entitled Back. Lyane Leigh took part as female vocalist to the singles Come Back And Stay and The Power Of The Night.
2003: Bad Boys Blue will release their new single Lover On The Line on the 7th of July.

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