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Kolosta and Damian Diaz have brought their sounds to dancefloors and have been passionately mixing and creating music since 1998.
Their captivating sound spans the eras and blends genres of body-rockin’ music; They’ll seamlessly segue from boombox classic hip hop to smooth R&B treats along with timeless flip reggae dancehall riddims, throwback to ’80s pop freestyle, and groove the dancefloor with soulful house.

They started out toghether in the same club and spinned at many clubs in and around Europe.
After being resident dj’s for many years at a local club in Holland, their ways seperated in 2006.

In the meanwhile they both started to produce their own music.

After this breakup of 3 years, they got back toghether in 2009. They both knew that this was a right moment to combine forces an add toghether an experience wich adds up to 20 years.

The decision was made and the “Audio Bastardz” were born.

Besides their obvious talent behind the turntables, the Audio Bastardz add Love, Passion and Dedication to the DJ scene. They are as loyal to the music as they are to their friends. They also manage to showcase their enthusiasm for their work through dedication, persistence and sense of professionalism.

The Audio Bastardz not only move crowds with their energetic blend of House, Funk, and tech-House but also play a key role in producing various remixes for several artists around the globe! Hard working With talent, grace and style, they create a world of music that includes all genres and people cheap louis vuitton handbags!

A quality besides working the decks is that they also perform as outstanding MC’s.

Audio Bastardz

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