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Amadeus boeken voor uw evenement?
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of the stringent barriers between musical styles and, with their virtuoso playing, great looks they became fast regular fixtures on the Romanian Television and radio charts. Although they seem like Bond, Amadeus is very different. Their music (composed of course by Adrian Ordean) is exotic. The elegance from the classic sounds and the Oriental rhythms give to Amadeus’ music a very particular grace.

The first album – “Continental” (2001) – is a very beautiful journey around the world. But, their new album – “Meridian” (2003) is spectacular, marvelous, it’s a trip through fire and ice.

Standard classical procedures go out of the window as the four brilliant performers enhance the compositions using both well-honed technical skills and innate flair. Their arrangements are laced with tinges of everything from pop-dance to oriental beats, from the Chinese fragrance to the Arabian 1001 nights, from traditional East European folk songs to the Irish passion – the result is dramatic, compelling, sexy and sparklingly original. Unconstrained by convention, appreciation of their music is ageless, requiring no prior knowledge of classical composers, no dress code and no Prom-style snobbery. And as naturally talented and expertly-trained performers, Amadeus refine their onstage act behind closed doors, secretly becoming a breathtakingly charismatic live unit.

Finally ready to reveal themselves to the world, Amadeus just released their first single on the second album, “King of the Fairies” – a fairytale where the four girls are shining.

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