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I was born in Genoa: 15th of march ’68,6:30 pm (maybe), surely on a friday. So; Pisces, with Virgo as my ascendant, but I have difficulty recognising myself in these astrological coordinates. I remember a shy childhood, an introvert and insicure little girl: my first five years in Genoa, with an aunt, then in Sanremo with my mother’s parents.

I was to meet my father only when I was twelve and only thanks to my own will: even today I still use my mother’s surname. I went back to stay with her when I was fourteen, to do so I returned to Genoa, but living together did not turn out to be easy.

I listened to David Bowie and the Beatles and studying at a languages’ lycée helped me to understand their texts, but this was definitely not enough to make me a model student.

I grew up with a rebel character, only just managing to disguise my embarassment for a body that, of course, was growing with me, but to which I really wasn’t “prepared”. To tell the truth I wasn’t prepared for being elected “Miss Liguria”, but at sixteen my courage and confidance were quite willing to be boosted a little. Enough to face even the offer of a Fininvest screen-test, accompanied by a good dose of unawareness, of course. The proposal arrived by means of a curious character, one of those who often hang about the area with all kinds of different roles, but the Fininvest screen-test was really taking place, and together with me came the most beautiful candidates, from Eva Grimaldi to Alba Parietti.

In my eyes, all the other participants looked more competitive and fascinating than myself: I remember my exhibition being the last, and confiding only in my physical aspect, in a show ready-made just for me, and in that unawareness that made me repeat “it’s all or nothing”.

It was 1985, Johnny Dorelli was about to start conducting “Premiatissima”, and would be assisted by Sabrina Salerno: I had won. All that Silvio Berlusconi had predicted with careless certainty was coming true: I was becoming a star.

Claudio Cecchetto took care of the matter, producing my first single for Five records. The song, nice and catchy, happily climbed the charts in Italy and Germany. What could it have been called, if not “Sexy Girl”?

I could never have imagined that from ’85 things would have started to accelerate in such a violent and unexpected way, and that television dances would have then become recordings and then cinema and then studies and then films for the TV and then still dancing and singing and diction and then on and on because Sabrina Salerno…..

Because Sabrina Salerno had become a marvelous money machine, especially to the advantage of that curious character, yes, the one mentioned above, one of those who often hang about the area…..

But Sabrina Salerno don’t even notice, because everything ,all around her, was so new, too new, because there wasn’t even time to think anymore,time to understand whether you were happy or not, only time to try and keep up with success, which arrived too quickly… But let’s get back down to facts: ’86 and’87 had me partecipating in TV-Movies like Professione Vacanze, Ferragosto OK and Tutti in Palestra, and it was in’87 that I recorded my first album, called “Sabrina”.

The first extracted single was “Boys”, number one in Europe, Scandinavia, South America and Australia, so many were the Gold and Platinium records including Hit Singles, from Hot Girl in Holland to Lady Marmalade in France. Again in’87, just in order not to loose the habit, I took part as a singer in the “Sandra e Raimondo Show” television programme, and I worked in Lamberto Bava’s film “Le foto di Gioia”.

In’88 I recorded “All of me”produced by the legendary trio Stock , Aitken & Waterman, then followed “My Chico”, produced by Elvio Moratto, and in a few weeks I found myself once again top of the main Top Ten in Europe;

My Chico was number one in Italy and at the Festivalbar I was rewarded as “best european singer of the year”.

At last my second album, “Super Sabrina”,came out: the first single was called “Like a Yoyo”, it bore Giorgio Moroder’s signature and, in between’88 and’89, it became the end theme-song of Odience, TV programme in which I had a part along with Lorella Cuccarini, Ezio Greggio and Gianfranco D’Angelo.

’89 had in store for me amongst the most intense emotions in my career: on February 13th 14th and 15th I gave a live concert in Moscow. The Olimpiesky stadium could hardly contain the 50,000 yougsters in complete franzy, and Sabrina Salerno Live in Moscow also became a video-tape.

I went back to cinema with “Fratelli d’Italia”, together with Jerry Calà, and the making of the single “Gringo”, with which I took part in the Festivalbar and the SuperSabrina Remix also go back to ’89.

In the year of 1990, from January to June I was “employed” in the show “Ricomincio da Due” with Raffaella Carrà and Scialpi for RAI2, for the first time, considering my difficult relationship with the mechanism behind TV shows, I really managed to enjoy myself. Working with Raffaella really made me appreciate the teacher and the friendly person: to her, still to this day, a sincere “thanks”.

Once again at the Festivalbar with the single “Yeah-Yeah”. ’91 opened up together with Jo Squillo on the occasion of San Remo Festival: for the first time I sang in Italian, with the single “Siamo Donne”.

In ’95 I went back to working with Canale 5, where I took part as singer and co-presenter, toghether with Claudio Lippi for TV in the making of “Bellezze sulla Neve”, while in France the single “Cover Model” was being produced.

At the same time problems with my pseudo-manager were getting worse.

The contrast was becoming unbarable and, even if at a high price, I managed to get the situation back under my own control. I re-conquered my indipendence, but not until ’94.

And it was exactly in ’94, with an independent label, that the two new singles “Rockawillie” and “Angel Boy” were pubblished in Italy and Scandinavia; at the same time, the desire for new possibilities was becoming stronger inside me, finally bringing me to the Condulmer Studio, the recording studios that I am still in charge of today together with my present companion, Enrico Monti.

The Condulmer Studio gave birth to the project of a new album on my behalf, all in Italian, produced by Enrico, Massimo Riva and myself, called “Maschio dove sei?”. It seemed like a good idea, and definitely it was, but promotion and distribution had not been taken seriuosly enough, teaching me a good lesson for the future.

A “thankyou” to Massimo, who always stood by me ,but alas, is no longer with us.

95′ marked an important moment: I made my debut in theatre under Alessandro Capone’s direction.

In estate Claudio Cecchetto mi chiama ad interpretare il ruolo del “mito” (of course!) nel film “Jolly Blue” di Max Pezzali.

I played the role of Fata Morgana (who else?), in the theatre pièce ” I Cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda”. I worked in a Company formed by fifteen actors, there were also Tosca D’Aquino and Daniele Luttazzi, my favourite mischief companions for the following five months.

In April the tour ended and I accepted the proposal of participating in Jocelin’s “Grande Gioco del Mercante in Fiera” on TMC: I immediately realised that it would be MUCH better to take up doing theatre again, and in ’97 I performed in ” Uomini sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi”, a funny ironic commedy written by Galli and Capone.

n the summer, Claudio Cecchetto called me to interpret the part of the “Myth” (of course!) in Max Pezzali’s film “Jolly Blue”.

During the first months of ’98, I was on tour again with “Uomini sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi” and I managed to tear the ligaments in my right knee. Stop. Pain, pause, patience and anger, a new anger, which came up to the surface like cold oil. I just made it in time to get better by summer, when I took part as a singer in “Cocco di Mamma”, presented by Carlo Conti, shown on RAI 1.

In January ’99, my new album “A flower is broken”, published by RTI, came out in Italy and Spain, and in spring “Jolly Blue” was first shown in the cinema.

Now, as usual, I am working on many projects, and soon you will be able to see me and listen to me… but you must be patient for a little longer!!! Please remember, the main things in life are: not to take one-self too seriously, to think positive and to believe in dreams… sometimes they come true!

A great thanks to all of those who have had the perseverance to read about me up to here and a big kiss!!! Straight from the heart


Sabrina Salerno

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