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DoubleYouGee Biografie

Since he was 16 years old, DJ DoubleYouGee is already playing records. As an early adapter he soon operates the turntables in many countries. As a resident among others; Experience, the Widows and NY he also enjoyed a good reputation all over the Netherlands.

At the end of the nineties he, together with Goldsmile Entertainment, played records on several big events. Due to his experience DoubleYouGee got the idea in co-operation with his regular MC to make some new drafts.

In the year 2007 they both adopted Houseclassics vs Millenniumbeats and started to produce that kind of music. Three years later they decided to continue solo. This separation gave DoubleYouGee the opportunity to change into a mor contemporary style of making music.

Nowadays the experienced DJ DoubleYouGee is fond of clubbin, electric and house. That is what he likes. As he says: cool heavy beats that makes people enthousiastic and drives them crazy. He always searching for new inspiration and compose mixtures with his own taste and feeling; all he composes is very special. Reason for his audience to go out of their mind. Besides that, he doesnít hesitate to contact and embrace his audience.

You can book DJ DoubleYouGee also on Double-Díski Party (well known from for instance Houseclassics vs. Millenniumbeats). For at least three hours you will face and experience the best hiphop, r&b, happy hardcore, dance and house from the nineties.

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