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This techno project was created by the two producers, remixers and DJs Matthias Menck and Dennis ‘Double M’ Bohn from Hamburg.
Following their first meeting in August of 1995, Dennis and Matthias started ‘Mental Madness Productions’ and scored a chart hit with their first co-production, Singin’ In My Mind, by Boyz R Us. Further productions followed, the latest including Mola Adebisi’s Shake That Body. The duo have also done a number of remixes for Solid, Daisy Dee , Kool And The Gang, Bluntfunkers, Scooter , George Krantz and many others. Matthias is also mixing the tracks for one of the top compilations in the world of house, Progressive Attack, on which Dennis and Matthias will be releasing some of their own tracks as well under the names Toxilogic, Harmonic Beats, Mental Madness and Dolphin Sound.

For the Progressive Attack 4 recording, the idea of producing a lead track was taken up, culminating in Brooklyn Bounce The Theme (Of Progressive Attack). Within no time, Brooklyn Bounce rose to No. 6 on the German Dance Charts and became a club favourite which was followed by an incredible sales chart success: The Theme. By now, they had started their conquest of the world with chart successes in France, Scandinavia and many other places.

Their first album The Beginning also became a big success.
1997 a single called The Real Bass was released followed by the second album called The Second Attack.

1998 Brooklyn Bounce then produced a single called The Music’s Got Me, a cover of the Bass Bumpers song. Then followed the song Contact. Later Brooklyn Bounce released an album called Re-Mixed Collection which included remixed versions from their previous albums and singles.

1999 they released the single Canda!. a 7″ Promo called Hack The Planet was recorded. This promo only single contained one track : a Radio Edit. Then the single Funk U was released.,followed by a promo vinyl in 2000 called Tiempo De La Luna. It featured mixes from Hampenberg and BBS DK, just to name a few.

2000 Their next single called The Bass, The Beats, The Melody was released in November . They worked together with the former rapper of Red 5.

2001 They released a single called Born To Bounce, followed by a cover of the U 96 hit Club Bizarre. The second male performer of the group, Damon, left the group.

2002 The next single to be released was entitled Loud & Proud. The Dance United project, was created to help the victims of the floodings in Germany. They released a single called Reach Out. The remix edition of Bring It Back was released in November.

2003 Brooklyn Bounce’s new single entitled X2X (We Want More). The videoclip presented the 2 new vocalists (chosen after a broadcasted casting): Katie Matthew and Noreen Quade. Diablo (formerly from 666 project) was still a part of the group. Latest singles released were: 2004 “X-Pect the Un X-Pected” 2004 “There is Nothing I Won’t Do” 2004 “Crazy” 2005 “Sex, Bass & Rock ‘n’ Roll”And besides his album “X-Pect the Un X-Pected” he produced another “Best of..” album.As you see in this alias or another he keeps on being productive!

Brooklyn Bounce

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