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Amber’s last name is Cremers. She was born in the Netherlands and her parents loved classical music (her dad is an opera singer and her mum is a piano teacher). That was not her case, actually, she always liked dance music and she started singing after moving to Germany. That was when she met the Bermann brothers, two successful German producers and they decided to work together. Amber and her producers moved to New York City, where they recorded her first single, This Is Your Night, that became a hit last year all over the world (# 1 in Israel) but specially in the USA (it reached # 21), where eurodance songs like that don’t usually have more than a negligible success. It sounds a little like Another Night by the Real McCoy, but that’s just because it was the Bermann Brothers who produced that song. At the beginning of 1997, her second single was released, called Colour Of Love, (very successful too since it reached # 12 in Israel) followed by her debut album, that contains very good dance tracks, and some ballads too. As of now, she has a son and resides in the United States. She is back in Europe for the holidays, though, to visit her family.


A collective single gathering Ultra Nate, Amber, & Jocelyn Enriquez’ voices was released under the name of Stars On 54 : If You Could Read My Mind.


Amber, her second album was preceeded by a very successful eurodance track Sexual (La-Di-Da). However, the album is rather soft on dance style. Followed by Do That To Me One More Time which is not on the US version of the Amber album.


The third single from the new album was entitled Above The Clouds. The following single to be released was Love One Another. It was written by Amber herself, with Rick Nowels and Billy Steinberg. Amber released Sexual in the UK on 29th May 2000 and it could well turn out to be her first UK hit as it is getting plenty of publicity.


Amber released a single entitled I Found Myself In You. It was written and composed by Pam Sheyne, Kyle Nevan and Alex Wilson. Then followed Yes ! which was not included on the album. It was quite successful and peaked to chart position #10 in Israel.
2002 : Amber finally completed her third album, called Naked, planned for release in August. She released a new single called The Need To Be Naked, which had an incredible success in the US, it peaked #1 in Billboard Dance Club chart. The single is not real eurodance, however, on a fast tempo. The follow-up was entitled Anyway (Men Are From Mars).


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